Architecture and Planning

Simplifying and developing a cost effective roadmap is not always black and white.

Indy Data Partners’ Oracle Architecture and Planning Services provide practical architecture planning and recommendations to help drive faster time to value, reduce unnecessary complexity, and achieve agility across your Oracle environment. An Oracle expert at Indy Data Partners will provide the guidance your company requires to enable a successful adoption of Oracle technologies and solutions. This results in a build that encompasses your direct needs and allows you to leverage the value of your investment.

Indy Data Partners’ Oracle Architecture and Planning Service provides:
• An expert Oracle advisor, who will help plan your Oracle product strategy with your business initiatives
• Advice for Oracle products that fit your needs without unnecessary features
• Planning for future growth to avoid additional expenses
• Insight into Oracle’s engineered systems, database consolidation, server consolidation, private cloud initiatives, and licensing
• Review of your current operating model and guidance for adoption and rollout of new architecture
• Provide proactive identification of risks, inhibitors, and key performance benchmarks for risk mitigation and expedition of implementation



When your data counts, don’t take chances.

Indy Data Partners is well versed in all Oracle database core technologies as well as Oracle Middleware products for a full range of custom administration solutions. Indy Data Partners offers a variety of support plans to meet your unique database needs from full time resources to part time mentoring and 24x7 monitoring of your Oracle environment, to ad-hoc project-based support. Installations, upgrades, migrations, patch application, issue resolution, and supplemental support are just a few of the administration services Indy Data Partners can provide. Each of Indy Data Partners’ Oracle administrators has multiple years of experience providing technical support, excellent communication, and superior customer-driven service.

Indy Data Partners’ Oracle Administration services provide:
• Remote and/or onsite support options
• 24/7 monitoring and management
• Guaranteed response times
• Oracle core database technology support
• Oracle Middleware technology support
• Oracle Grid Infrastructure and RAC support
• Installations using Oracle best practices
• Backup and recovery solutions
• Patch, user, and security management
• Technical issue resolution



System performance have you crawling along?

The performance of your Oracle Linux operating system, Oracle database, and Middleware components can become a large bottleneck for business operations. Performance issues can cause a host of business complications from slow order entry to disappointing end user experiences. Indy Data Partners provides performance tuning and performance issue troubleshooting for all Oracle database versions and most components of the Oracle Middleware stack, and Oracle Linux operating systems. Indy Data Partners engineers consult with you to pinpoint the issue and determine the best course of tuning efforts to ensure your business systems are running at peak performance.

Indy Data Partners’ Oracle optimization services provide:
• An individualized approach to each client’s unique issue and environment
• Initial issue identification and course of action plan
• Tuning of Oracle Linux, Oracle database, and Oracle Middleware components
• Advice for Oracle feature usage and licensing


Backup and Recovery

A solid backup and recovery strategy is critical to ensuring your business data is secure.

Determining your risk factors and tolerance for data loss is a driving force in developing the correct path for your backup and recovery strategy. Indy Data Partners has vast experience in assisting clients with identifying those factors and understanding requirements to build a robust backup strategy that meets their needs. Indy Data Partners’ administrators offer expert advice and implementation your company can rely on to ensure there is little or no data loss in the event something happens.

Indy Data Partners’ backup and recovery services provide:
• Expert advice and planning for your environment and business requirements
• An extensive knowledge base for backup and recovery operations and issues
• Implementation using Oracle best practices
• Mentoring staff on backup and recovery operations
• Advice for Oracle feature usage and licensing
• Restores and recoveries of data set
• Emergency backup and recovery support


Disaster Recovery Planning (Oracle and Microsoft)

Don’t let a local disaster end business operations.

An unexpected catastrophic event could bring your business operations to a standstill. Events can happen when you least expect them, so establishing a Maximum Availability Architecture is a key requirement for any company that cannot tolerate downtime. Indy Data Partners has the expertise to assess your business requirements to plan and implement a robust and effective disaster recovery plan to prevent local disasters from affecting your revenue stream from any disruptions.

Indy Data Partners’ Disaster Recovery Planning services provide:
• In-depth requirement gathering with client resources to establish objectives
• Identify critical components that require redundancy and have little to no downtime tolerance
• DR planning to meet SLA’s and corporate requirements
• Advice for Oracle and Microsoft feature usage and licensing

>Free Health Check (Oracle and Microsoft)